To rent the clubhouse, a rental form is required with a remittance of a $75 rental fee and a $150 deposit. Unit Owners who wish to hold a “resident only” event can do so without payment of the rental fee or the security deposit.  For other functions, the deposit will be forfeited if an inspection determines the clubhouse has not been properly cleaned. For more information read the CLUBHOUSE RULES HERE and below. Also, the renter will be responsible for any damages. Make sure your pre-rental checklist is completed by a committee member. They are located on a clipboard on the kitchen counter

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Clubhouse Rules

  1. The Clubhouse may be rented by Residents of Ivy Woods only for social events and meetings.
  2. Occupancy of the facility is limited to fifty (50) persons.
  3. Only Residents may reserve the clubhouse and must be present during the entire event.
  4. No smoking is permitted in the Clubhouse at any time.
  5. All food and trash must be bagged and removed from the premises after an event and deposited into one of the outdoor trash dumpsters.
  6. The Clubhouse must be thoroughly cleaned after each use by the Resident holding the event.
  7. Damage incurred during an event will be billed to the Resident.
  8. The Resident must turn off lights, set air conditioning to 75; set heat to 68.
  9. All doors must be locked and the key returned to the designated person immediately after the event.
  10. No pets are permitted in the Clubhouse at any time.
  11. Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times and are not at any time permitted to consume alcohol in the Clubhouse or on the premises.
  12. Do not attach items to the wall with tape, staples or nails. The dining table must be covered with a tablecloth to prevent damage.
  13. Do not use any item that produces open flames that may cause a fire.  The only candles that may be used are candles on a cake.  Candles must be thoroughly extinguished prior to placing in trash.
  14. The Clubhouse may be rented any day of the week.  All rental events shall end no later than 11:00 P.M. on Friday and Saturday nights and 9:30 P.M. on Sunday through Thursday nights.
  15. The Resident will be contacted by a Clubhouse committee member for pre and post-inspection.

Mail the form you submitted (look in your email) Send payment and form to:
Ivy Woods Condominiums
c/o Acri Commercial Realty
290 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229